Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Upgrades to bring my dell Dimension 2400 up to date?

Ok it have all of the non-attendance stuff it had earlier no changes. It is an intell pentium 4 near windows xp. I want to upgrade this computer instead of buying a integral new one. I want to know how to play games and watch movies, picture photos ext. any graphics cards i should buy or anything. I want the comp to be faster and a good gaming mechanism. Thanks

Upgrades to bring my dell Dimension 2400 up to date?

I upgraded my Dell a few times, I belive it is the same model, I get it almost 4 years ago.

The good report is that extra RAM and video cards are both easy to install.

If you right click My Computer, it will update you your current RAM, you probably have 256 MB. Today's games necessitate a minimum of 512, but I would recommend 1 Gig (1024MB). Adding a 1G DDR RAM stick will cost you 65 or 70 bucks probably, shop around.

You can also add a video card for pictographic intensive games. The minimum is 128MB, but you probably want 256. You might considder a 512MB depending on how new your games are, but I am not sure how much extra that will do, your processor might become the constraining factor at that point.

Anyway, that should be ample equipment to last you another year or two!
Dell's Community Forum would serve you better. Go to Dell's website and affiliate their forum. There are a good deal of knowledgable member that can lead you surrounded by the right step and are experienced with this subject. I own a Dell also, and hold posted questions in attendance too,with fitting results.
GO TO THIS LINK http://support.dell.com/support/download...


Upgradeing video card do I enjoy to upgrade my integral PC, if so what?

I hold a amd athlon 64x2 dual core processor 4200+ 2.19GHz, and am looking at a geforce 7900 gs ko video card. What should I look at to see about if I enjoy any other upgrades for this card? Please help

Upgradeing video card do I enjoy to upgrade my integral PC, if so what?

thats certainly the same video chipset im goinng to buy im gonna buy an evga 7900 gs from newegg.(good choice) what socket type is your cpu?? i would assume its AM2?? but you involve to find out what interface your motherboard has for video. hopefully it is pci express x16. if you can transmit me your motherboard make and model afterwards i can tell you.
You shouldn't enjoy to upgrade your PC...that video card should be a PCI Express card. Just make sure that you enjoy a PCI Express x16 slot on your motherboard (you should).
Look at the requirements given for the video graphics card, and see if your computer's system meets these.
Hi. Just look to produce sure your motherboard supports the new card's interface (AGP, PCIe, etc.).

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Upgrade processor or move indistinguishable?

I hold a compaq computer with an Celeron 351 (P) 3.2 GHz

processor, 1 see 3200 ddr2 ram, and an ati x600 graphics card. I enjoy a friend who will sell me a pentium 4 2.8 Ghz beside 1meg l2 cache processor for like $20, Both enjoy 533 fsb. Is it worth it? I know my motherboard (socket775) supports the processor.

Upgrade processor or move indistinguishable?

As a computer technician, and a programmer...the only time you would be concerned roughly speed-related upgrades is if the newest-baddest software would run better with it.

If you're using the computer to run video games, you'd probably savour the upgrade. If you're only running business applications, you probably wouldn't sense the difference.
myself i'd buy it just as a spare incase yours give out for some reason.
very well u have a 3.2ghz.y turn down to a 2.8?

Upgrade CPU?

I want to upgrade my CPU on my pcv-rs520 sony vaio desktop. currently i own a pentium 4 3.0HT. Does anybody know where can i grasp a better one without varying my motherboard?

Upgrade CPU?

Im not sure but i think HT processors are socket 478. On newegg.com you can browse processors by socket type. I imagine that socket is a bit outdated at this point though so you might not find much.

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Upgrade BIOS?

how can i upgrade my matured pc BIOS. i own hp Vectra vl400 with following information. i don't know from where on earth to get right softwere for this? plz lend a hand me.

Detected Chipset: Intel 815 chipset family

Memory controller: 82815/82815p

I/O controller: 82801AA (ICH)

PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0

BIOS Version:IP.01.04IT

Upgrade BIOS?

Depends if at hand is a bios upgrade available or not. You could start here


as you didn’t specify your operating system you’ll have to run through the rest near

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Update an weak laptop?

pentium 400, etc...

Update an weak laptop?

He's much worse than P4, he's get like a 486.

There's of late no upgrading that thing, you have need of a new computer. How much are you looking to spend, and we can recommend parts.
so, what do you have need of?

dump that P4 and get Core 2 Duo

and make a payment up some RAM

that'll make it cool satisfactory

and if the HD is low then give an extra HD(Hard Drive)

Unusual concrete drive problem?

I've lately been given a newish rock-hard drive (Samsung sp2514n 250gb).

Problem is although it has be recognized contained by the BIOS and POST I can't get an OS to accept it's there (tried winxp vista and dos).

I enjoy wired it in correctly and hold tried every cable and pin combination.

Dead disk or am I missing something?

Expert answers only please.

Unusual concrete drive problem?

friendly administrative tools, computer management. Disk tools. Intitialize the drive consequently format it.
It probably needs partitioning and formatting. If you enjoy a Win98 start up disk, boot to that and run Fdisk or boot to your Windows CD and run it from in attendance to setup a new divider on it. Then Windows should recognise it and will be able to format it.
It can't be a insensible disk if the BIOS recognises it.

When you next boot press the Esc switch to see what the BIOS says. Does it say-so Primary Master? I'm assuming that it is an P-ATA disk rather than a Serial-ATA disk.
You will probably hold to run fdisk a program on the win 98 setup and delete the present partition. If you enjoy a floppy drive it is easy, a moment ago boot from a win 98 startup disk and type fdisk then choose delete fence. If you only enjoy a win 98 cd then boot from it and close the installation eyeshade then type cd\win98 afterwards type fdisk

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